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Discussion Response 6 – Reflections

Looking back on this unit, I have enjoyed the variety of subjects covered, but I wish I had had more time to spend on the activities. Of the weekly topics, my favourite was data visualisation, and I am glad that I chose this topic for my final essay as I still found it interesting even … Continue reading

Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Final Product

It’s done! I have changed the quote to make it something less humorous (aww) and have added a little grid decoration underneath it. Also edited the text a little bit, as I found some typos in the previous version which I printed out.

Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Draft Analysis

This is my favourite version so far. I finally feel like it’s coming together. I have changed the heading line to be a little less prominent, and have changed some of the images. I think including a portrait of Wim Crouwel brings more life to his section, and the addition of lines help separate the … Continue reading

Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – First Drafts

It was quite a challenge, but I have (finally) come up with a handful of first drafts for my A1 information panel on typography in the 1960s. This exercise has revealed how little I know about InDesign, layouts and grids! I had no idea how many columns to make my grid, and so I wasted … Continue reading

Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Content Proposal

Decade Allocated – 1960s Topics Chosen Wim Crouwel Phototypesetting New Alphabet Images          References (APA) Bigman, A. (2016). Digital Fonts: A condensed history. Retrieved from https://99designs.com.au/blog/creative-inspiration/history-of-digital-fonts/ Dutch Profiles. (2012). Dutch Profiles: Wim Crouwel [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/54351371 Iconofgraphics. (n.d.). Wim Crouwel. Retrieved from http://www.iconofgraphics.com/wim-crouwel/ Glancey, J. (2011). Wim Crouwel’s extraordinary alphabets. Retrieved … Continue reading

Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Phototypesetting

For my “the development of typesetting or typographic technology from the period” portion of Assessment 4, I will be covering  phototypesetting. Phototypesetting is a method of setting type, and it’s now obsolete thanks to the humble computer. The way it works seems pretty complicated. A black disk is created and each character is cut out … Continue reading