Visual Communication – Week 1 Thoughts

Welcome to my little blog for my Visual Communication work. I’ve got to admit, I’m kind of terrified of this subject. I’ve been told that there’s lot of making stuff involved, and the assignments say that the work isn’t supposed to be digital.

I’m not artistically gifted at all, I can’t draw or paint, and I haven’t done art for over 20 years. I don’t own art supplies beyond a set of fineliner pens that I bought for Concepts and Narratives, and a box of coloured pencils I bought for my husband. I feel that this will be the make-or-break subject for me. And if I can do it, then surely I can do anything!

Our first assignment is to produce a set of four postcards with a common theme. They gave us seven or so very broad themes to choose from, and I think I will go with “from the kitchen”. That means I get to pick from pretty much anything found in a kitchen! I want my theme to be a little more specific, so I am considering either Christmas baking or maybe herbs and spices?


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