Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Draft Analysis


This is my favourite version so far. I finally feel like it’s coming together.

I have changed the heading line to be a little less prominent, and have changed some of the images. I think including a portrait of Wim Crouwel brings more life to his section, and the addition of lines help separate the sections from each other. I have changed the image used in the phototypesetting section, as I realised that the previous image I was using was more suited to the 1950s technology than the 1960s. This new image shows the Digiset machine, which I talk about in the text in that section. The large image of the a shows how letters are created using the bitmap format.

I have also added captions to the images, which I think is a big improvement. Otherwise you won’t know what you’re looking at!

I feel like the layout and the spacing of the elements is hugely improved compared to my first version where there wasn’t any whitespace at all. But at the same time, I think there could be even more.

Things to try:

  • Changing the headings so they stand out more… maybe a different colour or typeface?
  • Changing the quote so it stands out more

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