Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – First Drafts

It was quite a challenge, but I have (finally) come up with a handful of first drafts for my A1 information panel on typography in the 1960s. This exercise has revealed how little I know about InDesign, layouts and grids! I had no idea how many columns to make my grid, and so I wasted a lot of time fiddling around.

I have chosen the font Sitka for my poster, it’s a pretty neutral serif typeface which I don’t think looks too heavy on the page. I have gone with 20pt for my body text, which seems HUGE! I printed the first draft to get an idea of how big things were, and the font is really quite large… but I suppose it’s large enough to read if you’re standing in front of the panel without having to get too close. Is it too big? I have no idea.

Not all the drafts have a space to put a reference section and I’m not entirely sure if that needs to be included, so if it does, I’ll need to ensure I can fit it on there.

Draft 1


Draft 2


Draft 3


Draft 4


Draft 5



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