Discussion Response 5 – Letter Arguing For Funds


Dear Grants Officer,

I am writing to you on behalf of SELCO India, with the hope that you will consider our organisation for your financial aid program for the 2017-2018 financial year.

SELCO India was established in 1995 to provide energy solutions to under-served and un-served areas of rural India. Our flagship product is the Solar Home Lighting System, a wireless solar power system which can be used by families in rural areas to fuel electrical appliances and lights.

More than one third of India’s population live off the electricity grid and an equal number suffer from frequent power cuts due to poor electrical service. The Solar Home Lighting System allows electricity to be gathered during the day, and then used by night to allow families to pursue income generating activities and also allows children to study and read after dark. These families currently survive on kerosene fuelled lamps, which are hazardous to their health and the environment. Kerosene is also 325 times more expensive for the same level and quality of light that can be provided by a standard incandescent bulb fuelled by a Solar Home Lighting System.

Our products are purchased by farmers and families on a payment plan, where the customer places a 15% deposit and is then required to pay the balance over three to five years. Many of our customers experience an increase to their income and to their children’s literacy and education levels due to the improved electricity service in their homes.

We are in need of financial partners to allow us to continue the production and distribution of the valuable Solar Home Lighting System. Through generous donations and partnerships with government agencies, private companies and financial institutions, our product has bettered the lives of 100,000 households in Karnataka, and it is our goal by 2023 to extend our services to neighbouring states Maharashtra, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Your financial aid would help us and the rural communities of India immensely.

For more information about the Solar Home Lighting System, please visit our website http://www.selco-india.com. I can be contacted through the below details for any further information or documentation.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jane Doe
Chief Technology Officer


Design for the Other 90%. (n.d.). Solar Home Lighting System. Retrieved from http://archive.cooperhewitt.org/other90/other90.cooperhewitt.org/Design/solar-home-lighting-system.html

SELCO Solar India (2008). SELCO Solar India. Retrieved from http://www.selco-india.com.




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