Assessment 4 – 20th Century Type – Fonts of the 1960s

For Assessment 4 we have to create content on three topics – the design of a typeface or type family from the period, the development of typesetting or typographic technology from the period, and either a profile of a designer, design group, studio or movement, or an influential or significant typographic design work from the period.

Let’s start with the easier one – typefaces of the 1960s. I have used the book Typography, referenced : a comprehensive visual guide to the language, history, and practice of typography by Tselentis et al (2012) to identify some fonts, and also this Wikipedia page.

Aurora (1960)

Ad Lib (1961)
Antique Olive (1962)
Eurostile (1962)
Forte (1962)
Compacta (1963)

Friz Quadrata (1965)
Impact (1965)
Rail Alphabet (1965)
New Alphabet (1967)

Sabon (1967)

Syntax (1968)
Bauhaus (1969)

This webpage also seems like it will be a useful reference –

I think that Eurostile and Bauhaus are probably the most commonly known fonts out of the above collection, but I really like the look of Fitz Quadrata. It’s been used in video games and science fiction-y things, and I think I will enjoy learning more about it.


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