Assessment 3 – Body and Soul – Putting it Together

Now the layout is done, the fonts have been matched, it’s time to put it together. This basically just involved replacing the matching text with the new text, picking a pull quote, and copy and pasting the body text which has been provided to us.

The body text is an article called The Language of Letters written by Max Kisman, a Dutch designer. The article describes the beginning of his typographical journey, starting from before he even knew what the word typography meant. If you’d like to read it, you can find it here.

The article also has a sub-heading “Letters of Identity” which is what I’ve chosen to use for my spread. The original spread was the second story from a series of four stories (called 4 Thoughts), so I’ve made my article the first story from a series called The Language of Letters. I also grabbed an image of Max Kisman from his website and placed that where the original author’s image was.

The pull quote I chose was “It became obvious to me that, by drawing my own letters, I became part of them. Or, they became part of me. It was my drawing, and I made it.” The quote then has another sentence “It was me.” which I thought would complete the pull quote better, but it didn’t fit on the five lines used by the existing pull quote, and when I extended it to six lines, I couldn’t get the lines to balance nicely.

For the image on the second page of the spread I debating replacing the original image with one by Max Kisman, but the style didn’t suit the rest of the layout. For the caption I chose “The more you produce, the closer you’ll get.”, which comes from later on in the text. I’m not 100% happy with that, but it’s hard to choose a caption for an image that isn’t there.

Following are images of my work in progress… the original spread, my version, and an image of the new one overlaid at 50% opacity over the original spread.



v2 overlaid_small



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