Assessment 3 – Body and Soul – Font Matching

The next step for this assessment is to more precisely match the fonts from my soul article. This exercise did take me a lot longer than I thought it would, but as it’s one of the most important components of the assessment, I’ll be glad that I took my time with it.

Body Text: Adobe Caslon Pro, 10pt with 13.05pt leading, left justified with 5mm first line indent.

Side-note: I had trouble getting the second paragraph in the second column to line up… turns out that there is an extra space before the start of the sentence.


Pull quote: Graphie, Bold, 32pt with 34.9pt leading and 49 tracking


Article title: Farnham Display Black OSF, 24pt with 26pt leading and 3 tracking


Other items:

  • Header: Farnham Display Black OSF, 5pt with 10 tracking
  • Caption: Adobe Caslon Pro, Italic, 16pt with 3 tracking
  • Author: Farnham Display Black OSF, 11pt with 20 tracking
  • Footer: Farnham Display Light OSF, 7pt

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