Assessment 3 – Body and Soul – Columns and Margins and Much Frustration

I’m beginning to think I’m going a little crazy. I have now imported my original spread into InDesign and I’m trying to figure out the columns, margins, gutters, etc.

Layout Overlaid.JPG

This is what I’ve come up with, after matching the fonts and putting some text in there I think it’s right. But it’s not even. And I’m not sure if it’s meant to be.

The top and bottom margins are 17.5mm high. The columns are 53.5mm wide, with a 6mm gutter between. These measurements are good and work on both sides of the spread. However, everything on the left page lines up when the outside (left) margin is 16mm, and everything on the right page lines up when the outside (right) margin is 17mm. The left page’s inside margin is 21.5mm and the right page’s inside margin is 20.5mm. Why is there a 1mm difference?! Is it supposed to be like that?

Moving either page 1mm to the left or right so the margins are even makes everything go out of whack… so I guess it’s meant to be like that. But it’s just weird!

I couldn’t cope with the guides being wrong, so to get around this, I have created two master pages and the left page uses Master A and the right page uses Master B.


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