Assessment 3 – Body and Soul – Breaking it Down

Alright, time to start breaking down the layout! Here is the original spread, carefully extracted from the magazine and scanned using my work scanner. There was some distortion in the final scan, so I had to use the conveniently placed horizontal and vertical lines to straighten both sides of the spread. The end result is not perfect, but it’s good enough to work with.


My first step was to identify the elements / hierarchy in the spread.



Next step is to identify the fonts (and thanks to whoever wrote the assessment for including a checklist to follow!).

There are three fonts used in this article, the article title “Massaging Minds”, the body text, and the blue pull quote. The author’s name appears to be the same font as the title, and the image caption is the same font as the body text. The header is the same font as the author, and the footer is the same as the body text. The number 2 in the black circle above the article title also matches the font of the body text.


After some Internet searching, I think I have managed to find the fonts.

Body text / section number / page number (footer) / caption – Adobe Caslon Pro
Article title / author / section name (header) / publication name (header) – Farnham Display
Pull quote – Graphie

Some more Internet searching later I have managed to download and install the fonts, yay!


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