Assessment 3 – Body and Soul – Initial Thoughts

Our next Typography assessment is to take a spread in a magazine (the soul) and reproduce it in InDesign with a given text (the body). I’m looking forward to the assignment but I have a feeling that it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds.

My first task is to find a few options for the layout. I went to the newsagency and ended up picking up a copy of New Philosopher.

I’ve never heard of this magazine before, but the layouts inside are really appealing and thoughtfully designed. I picked out four options for my eLA to approve.





My eLA approved the first two and the last one, I think the third one was a no-go because it doesn’t have a title on it. I’ve decided to go with the second spread – Massaging Minds.

Next step is to identify the fonts and measure all the elements on the page.


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