Assessment 2 – Quote Me – Many Versions

I’ve been a bit all over the shop with this assignment. My group hasn’t been the most proactive, and I wasn’t able to get in contact with one of them. Romenda and I have been exchanging Facebook messages and emails, but she also seems a little stuck for ideas.

I started playing with the layout, but it was so boring with black and white!


I tried to make the “break” interesting by using Photoshop to rasterize and then split the layer into pieces, and used different colours for each piece. It kind of worked, but also kind of didn’t.


I tried going to landscape, and went nuts and added a crazy background.


And more variations on how the lines were broken up and where the emphasis was.



Then I finally made a layout that I liked… huzzah!


Then after playing with the colours for a bit, I decided to use the colours that Romenda used on her submission and hopefully that is enough to tie the two posters together.



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