Assessment 2 – Quote Me – Initial Thoughts

Our next assignment is to create an A3 poster featuring a quote. This assignment has a group element to it, the group is assigned the quote and has to produce a version each.  For my version, I’m limited to one version of a typeface, and I can use an unlimited number of point sizes and colours.

The quote my group has been assigned is:

By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well.
– Robert Bringhurst

According to Wikipedia, Robert Bringhurst is a Canadian poet, typographer, and the author of The Elements of Typographic Style (1992).

So what are the rules of typography? Here are some, courtesy of

  • Use fonts that connect with your audience
  • Adjust kerning to produce a more streamlined results
  • Limit the number of fonts used (no more than three fonts)
  • Understand alignment options
  • Use visual hierarchy to emphasise what’s important
  • Use grids to create logical and visual harmony
  • Pick a secondary font which complements the primary font
  • Ensure it’s readable
  • Choose colours wisely
  • Avoid stretching fonts
  • Adhere to grammar rules
  • Work with the right software

Now… which ones do I break?!


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