Assessment 1 – Word and Meaning – More Thoughts

I have decided to go with my idea of creating the word SUPER out of superfoods, such as blueberries, nuts, seeds, etc, and to make it look like a word in a comic book drawing.

Image source:–superhero-ideas-superhero-classroom.jpg

Food provides so many different colours and textures, even within the superfood category there’s so much to choose from!

At this stage my main concerns are:

  • How do I make the food match the style of typeface that I want?
  • What foods will be easiest to work with? How do I prepare them so that they are still recognisable, yet are small enough to place into the final artwork?
  • How to keep the food in place while I’m laying everything out?
  • What size to make the final piece so that I can get the whole thing into one photo while keeping the word legible?

A quick play with fonts:


And here is a quick draft I put together using Illustrator, which uses a font called “Bangers” which I downloaded from a free font website.



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