Assessment 1 – What is a Superfood anyway?

So far I have two ideas for my final submission.

The first is to create the word “SUPER” out of blueberries. I really like the idea of using a superfood to spell the word super, and it’s food… see what I did there?! I’d lay the blueberries out on the bench and take the photo from above, or on a sheet of paper. I like the idea of using a green background with the dark blueberries, the colour contrast would work nicely. I could use directional light to create shadows to add some dimension.

The second idea is to get lots of junk food, like a mountain of French fries, and use them as my background. The photo would be edited to make the junk food sepia toned or just black and white, with the word “SUPER” spelled out in the foreground in healthy foods and still in colour. This could be done by taking two photos and editing them together (probably the easier option), or all in one. I wonder how much photo editing we are allowed to do.

Ooh, I just thought of a third idea… to re-create something like the POW image from my previous Assessment 1 post, all made out of food. Which brings me to the point of this post… what is a superfood anyway?

Wanjek (2015) writes that a superfood is a food, usually plant-based, which is nutritionally dense, but there is no set criteria for what makes a food super. Wanjek lists the following foods as being generally accepted superfoods – blueberries, kiwifruit, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, kale, sweet potato, squash, and fatty fish (salmon, sardines, and mackerel).

And now a picture! Because I need to go and have a snack now.

Image source:


Wanjek, C. (2015, May 11). What Are Superfoods? Retrieved July 18, 2017, from


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