CDI – Week 1 Thoughts

Here we go! Teaching Period 2 of 2017, my second trimester of my Bachelor of Design degree… my fourth (or maybe it’s equal fifth?) subject in this scary but exciting new world. I’m also taking Typography, and both subjects require me to keep a blog, so I’m multitasking and using this same blog for both. Let’s hope it doesn’t get confusing.

This week in Contemporary Design Issues is a general overview of the subject. There are a lot of issues, and many of them I haven’t heard of. This subject promises lots of reading and I really hope I keep on top of things, unlike Packaging last TP.

There are a lot of due dates in this subject. But yet there are less than Packaging. Every week I’m required to read something and then write a short response to it. This week is the First things first manifesto and a response penned by Michael Beirut in 2007. The manifesto itself is only a page, and the response is 3.5 pages, totally doable! The hard part will be condensing my thoughts into 200 words… that’s really not a lot of words!


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